Five things to do on a weekend break in Berlin

Berlin is an amazing city. It pairs colourful culture with a rather brutalist backdrop. There is history around every corner, yet this vibrant city isn’t just for those interested in the past. Here are our top five recommendations for a weekend break in Berlin.

1. East Side Gallery

Not a gallery like any other, the East Side Gallery comprises of murals on a 1.3km stretch of the Berlin Wall. Therefore, expect to see a mixture of abstract and controversial artwork. ‘My God, Help Me Survive Amid this Deadly Love‘ is probably the most famous of them all, depicting the respect between socialist countries.

2. Checkpoint Charlie

Now a tourist trap, and a tacky one at best, Checkpoint Charlie was the main gateway between East and West Berlin during the cold war. However, you can’t go to Berlin and not visit this famous access point, even if it’s just for a few minutes. There is no admission fee.

3. Shop and relax

The famous shopping boulevard, Kurfürstendamm, was the heart of West Berlin during the years that the wall stood and is now the main retail centre for the city. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church stands at one end, with it’s partially destroyed tower being a permanent reminder of the effects of war. After exploring the shops, take a wander around the Tiergarten park, before ascending the victory column in the centre.

4. Brandenburg Gate

The famous gate is a must-do photo opportunity. The adjacent Jewish memorial is also a thought provoking piece which is most definitely worth a visit.

5. Reichstag

Last up on our five things to do on a weekend break in Berlin, is to visit the government building. Take the fast lift up the Reichstag building and then take the spiral slope inside the dome to get some great views of the city. Advance registration is compulsory, which can be done here.

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