Five ways to get your travel fix during lockdown

Of all the lockdown restrictions, the one that’s hitting a lot of people hard is the inability to travel. Whether that’s a sun-drenched holiday, weekend city break, or hiking in the mountains, we know how hard it is being stuck at home. So, here are our top five ways to get your travel fix during lockdown:

1. Flick through travel snaps 

Nostalgia. We love it don’t we? So what better way to yearn than to immerse yourself back in previous adventures. Instagram is the go to place for this, as many of us have snaps from years back in the archives. It’s also a great place to get inspiration for future travels.

2. Plan your next adventure 

With lots of offers on travel at the moment, researching and booking your next adventure (think 2021) is a great idea. Our travel recommendations let you get a glimpse of what different destinations have to offer, whilst tools such as Skyscanner can help you get the best flight and hotel prices. 

3. Top up your air miles

There are plenty of ways to top up your air miles without flying. Credit cards, such as American Express, allow you to exchange points earned on everyday purchases for airline miles. Alternatively, some airlines offer rewards schemes, such as Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Shops Away’, which pay you in points for shopping through their website. 

4. Refresh your travel kit

Saving petrol money by WFH? Spend the extra cash on some new travel apparel such as a swanky duffel bag or some new shades. There are lots of travel gadgets out there too, so take this down time to look for the next big thing which could change your travel experience.

5. Make some local delicacies

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on your travels by spicing up your usual lock down meals. Ditch the half tonne bag of pasta and try making your own tapas, currywurst or sushi. There are plenty of great recipes out there, so get researching and get cooking. 

If you’ve been inspired by our five ways to get your travel fix during lockdown, then why not check out our travel recommendations here?